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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 11:08

The Internet has already quite strongly fixed in the life and consciousness of modern person. Today, many of us can’t imagine the life without the usual activities: check emails and social networks, reading articles and tweets what is happening in the world etc. One of the new features of Internet which is becoming popular in our country can certainly be called e-commerce.

What is E-commerce? Turning to the Internet, you can find the following definition – “E-commerce – is a sphere of the economy, which includes all financial and commercial transactions conducted through computer networks and business processes associated with the conduct of such transactions.”

How develop is e-commerce in Uzbekistan, what measures are necessary for its further improvement and what are its advantages for businesses and consumers, let’s look into it.

In Uzbekistan owing to introduction of payment system Uzcard and implementing a number of projects to make payment using mobile devices and computer at any time and in any place, there is actively developing new business segment – e-commerce. Today, successfully operating funds to pay for services online such as Click, MBank, SMS T’olov. People can make purchases being at home in Internet-stores, including:,,, and others where you can buy food, clothing, appliances, perfumery, housewares and even furniture.


According to portal more than 80% of Internet-users in the world become buyers of any goods in online-stores, and 71% of consumers consider that online shopping is more advantageous and convenient than in usual stores.

For starting a new business in Internet today, there are a number of obvious advantages. One of them can be called savings in the areas of trade, as for selling the goods in online, it needs just warehouse for storage, and perhaps small office for employees. Moreover, online sales are not required to purchase any shop-windows and other costly business equipment. Considerably reduced the maintenance staff and accordingly the expense to remunerations of labors is reduced than in traditional stores and reduced the prices of goods which are additional ways to attract the buyers. Advertising of goods and stores can be carried out directly in the internet that have a less expensive and cost over time compared to a conventional store. Description is available in expanded form that is useful to both for seller and local producers who need promotion and detailed description thereof in order to attract buyers. Besides, online store can operate 24 hours a day and its servers can handle the acceptance of the order at any time. On weekends and holidays the servers also continue its work; moreover the traffic of online store increases in those days.


According to portal more than 46% of online buyers before purchasing watch and read reviews and other information of product, which means that development of e-commerce is growing and amount of useful web-sites and blogs that leads to growth of generated traffic.

Today, in our country there are formed all necessary conditions for the development of this direction. Firstly, it should be noted that in Uzbekistan has released a large number of payment cards online which allows you to fully develop the system of mobile and internet-banking. With each passing year become more and more perfect communication capabilities, expands user access to the Internet, a growing number of websites in the Uzbek segment of the global network.

In addition on September 16 of this year during the regular session of the Legislative Chamber Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to further the development of e-commerce in the country in accordance with order of the President Karimov I.A., the deputies discussed the draft law “On electronic commerce” in the new edition, made by the Cabinet of Ministry as legislative initiation.

New draft law provides for the use of identification by means of various analogues of manual signature during purchasing, which will greatly simplify the design of electronic transaction. In addition, for more concrete regulation of relations in the sphere of e-commerce, a new draft law has a number of significant advantages, namely:

Establish features of concluding the contracts by electronic documents (messages) and requirements for participants of e-commerce including information intermediaries. In draft bill there has implemented a norm of registration invoices and other necessary documents in electronic form. Also introduced a norm on state regulation of e-commerce by authorized body and establish its authority in order to create favorable conditions to develop a strategy for development of this sphere in the current conditions and to provide a unified approach to solving organizational, technological and legislative issues.

The draft law also pays special attention to information security and the protection of personal data of the participants of e-commerce. Thus, the new law will allow e-commerce Uzbekistan to the next level and give impetus to the development of entrepreneurs Internet – space as a new market for the sale of services and goods.

E-commerce in Uzbekistan is still only developing, but the time doesn’t stand and with it changes the business trends and needs of the population. The development of high technology, payment system Uzcard and enhancement of Internet has already enabled to create start-ups in sphere of online-sale, and a great opportunity to be the first in this sphere, and be the first in the business means conquest of the market and acquisition of its own name, which will be known million.

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