The first reason why you should change obsolete Duet card to advanced Online card

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Friday, 22 August 2014 05:53

"Your card is locked, please refer to the bank" - in recent years the cardholders of DUET cards often hear these words from cashiers. The point of that is structure of the system Duet is designed so that if card holder doesn't do it with help of load funds within 35 days, it is automatically blocked so for the extension of the work it should be authorized in bank.

In addition, almost all DUET cards have been already worn up. The newest of them were issued by banks of Uzbekistan until 2011 and those DUET cards which we now use, not only outdated in appearance, but hardware, to be exact, a chip does not meet to modern safety requirements of PCI DSS. More over the metallic elements of card chips are refined over time by mechanical interaction with card readers of terminals. Therefore DUET cards with bad contacts often let down their owners in the moment of payment of the goods.
Online cards have been saved from mentioned problems. Their issue is carried out and will be implemented by banks of Uzbekistan; they are protected by the most modern banking technology and correspond to requirements of PCI DSS. Moreover, compared with DUET cards they have variety of advantages which you can read in next materials about reasons why should change your outdated DUET card to modern Online card.



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