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Thursday, 23 June 2016 14:55

During “Payment” operation at sales point, there may occur error conditions due to:

  1. Prematurely ejecting card form customer card-reader;
  2. Loss of connection between POS-terminal and processing center;
  3. Disconnecting POS-terminal from electricity.


In such situations there may occur error conditions and POS-terminal may issue a receipt with “Denied” message on it. If cardholder is subscribed to SMS-notifications, the mobile phone may receive SMS message about successful transaction. Merchant should make “Revise total” operation and basing on the outcome do appropriate actions. It is necessary to check the balance, in order to know whether money have returned.

In order to avoid the failure of security of “UZCARD” IPS, retail and service companies (RSC) must ensure and organize execution of following rules by its staff:


  •   To “Revise total” of POS-terminal of RSC and keep collection cheques;
  •   To keep safe POS-terminal and its supplementary elements (wireless modem, etc.) from loss and falling into hands of unauthorized persons;
  •   Strictly follow the rules: of interacting with POS-terminals; serving cardholder; exploitation and safety.
  •   Provide timely refreshment of information/advertising materials of “UZCARD” IPS, displaying them on visible places in the zone of service to cardholders.
  •   Not to ask for PIN code (password) of plastic card from cardholder.
  •   In case of any problems occurring with cardholder during execution of operations with POS-terminal, render help to this cardholder in resolving these problems, and if it is not possible to deal with problem on his own, promptly contact with bank workers to get further instructions to coup with the error.
  •   To inform cardholder about importance of keeping receipts of operations made on POS-terminals in safety.
  •   To make sure that POS-terminal is printing legible receipts: operations of cardholder, revise total, list of POS-terminal’s operations.
  •   To store all receipts: operations done by plastic cards, revise totals, list of operations of the POS-terminal along with other financial and accounting documents of the shop.
  •  To retain plastic cards of cardholders which were defined by POS-terminal as cards from STOP-LIST, for further handing them over to bank.
  •   To urgently inform bank about any cases of attempts of cardholders to commit fraudulent actions using plastic cards.
  •   In case of return of the good/service paid by plastic card of cardholder, to fill in commerce cheque for payment reimbursement (reimbursement of payment is made from POS-terminal with “abort operation” entry).
  •   Not to raise the price of good/service if it is paid by plastic card.


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