POS-terminal for plastic card payments: What are the advantages?

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 17:01

The main advantage of any plastic card – 24/7 access to your money and ability of real-time management of your expenses. Using of plastic cards in our daily life, empowers many of our people, freely and easily make payments for goods and services without any need for cash.

The very procedure of payment at retail store, restaurant and café using bank plastic cards is enough confortable and effective.

Therefore recently trend for wider acceptance of POS-terminals becoming incremental at many outlets, starting with huge supermarkets, ending with mom-and-pop shops, petrol stations, fast-food shops. For businessmen, owners of outlets, installation of such terminals is not carrying any negative implications. The installed POS-terminal is property of bank and if terminal malfunctioning, due to which receiving of payments have stopped, all responsibility for dealing with it is on the bank.  Provided that terminal is exploited in accordance with all requirements, checks are filled properly, than, first of all cashier, and then owner of outlet can be absolutely confident and feel safeguarded from incidental failure of money transaction.

Today, POS-terminals installed at outlets, are distinguished with high level of reliability and can handle high load during their operation. The only problem that may arise during exploitation of terminal is insufficiently skilled staff of outlet for working with these type of devices. The system itself may have error only when there is on-line connection failure, and the order of registration of data taken from card is broken.

Advantages of using POS-terminals are so obvious, that there is even no need for extra advertisement. All three parties engaged in commercial activity are benefiting from using terminals for payments. While bank, is expanding its clients base by using terminals at outlets, merchants enjoying additional flux of customers, that willing to pay for goods and services using bank cards.

Swiftness of making payments for goods and services by cards – is the primer advantage of having POS-terminals.

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