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Thursday, 08 May 2014 09:27

Situation 1

Mobile phone is emitted the signal that’s mean SMS message has arrived. What is it – annoying advertisement or warning notification of MES? Oh not, pleasant news – the salary has been charged to the card. Take off all affairs and begin to plan a list of purchases. What did wife say? Potato? No.  Meat? No. As I try I can’t remember. So with quiet conscience I write down:

Item 1. Football calendar…

The Cards of UZCARD can be used for payment for all goods and services. Possibility of universal use of  cards for payment laid down in a number of government decision.

Situation 2.

Today is Friday, the end of week, returning home and plan – “tomorrow I will go to the market, go for a walk to the park with children…” here I see near self-service the turn – colleagues with off-line cards are hurry to “load the funds” before weekends. Today the Head hasn’t allowed to it during working day and in the evening everybody will wait their turns. And I pass and go further with my plans for the weekends – “on Saturday to meet with friends in café…”

The salary is charges automatically to the UZCARD  card and don’t need to do “downloading” every time.

Situation 3

The mobile phone signalized of SMS receiving again. What is it again? “Purchase: LLC “PROFIT STORE”, UZ. 05.05.14 11:30, card***1570, amount: 42286.07 UZS”, balance: 95166.99 UZS. Take the telephone quickly and call to wife and ask unexpectedly her:

-          Honey, are you at home?

-          I’ve gone to store for a minute.

-          Ok, don’t be late. Because when you go to the MEGA-PLANET in the morning you come in the evening.

-          Dear, how you know that I am in MEGA-PLANET???

-          Honey, you know that my antenna is installed to yours…

The service SMS-informing informs you about all operations on Card UZCARD first of all after it implementation, its control the expenses. The service connects to any self-services or ATM of UZCARD.

Situation 4.

Come home from the work, daughter run up to me:

-          Yea daddy came! My deposit on the phone has been finished.

And now it’s clear why daughter is so happy – a good father, father will pay right now…

In the system CLICK-UZCARD on mobile phone you can pay for a variety of services – Beeline, Ucell, the local telecommunication, Uzdigital-TV, internet etc. (the full list you can see on

Situation 5.

During the summer holidays son registered in fitness-club. Back home in the evening and the son gives me news:

-          Father I couldn’t pay for fitness – your card wasn’t accepted. They said that off-line card they can accept but for online there isn’t connection. Do something and then on holidays I have to help to mother with cleaning, washing and even wash the dishes!!!

The mobile companies and internet providers developed special tariff plans for work with terminals; the trade-service enterprises can use of their choice any connection canal.

Cases of refusal to accept the card as payment

you can inform the helpline tax authorities (

Situation 6.

 We were sitting in café with friends and as always discussed the global questions of safe the world and humanity. One of us said his opinion that development of electronics would change people’s mind and change needs of each person – instead of newspapers and magazines they’ve already use telephones and tablets; study and talk with friends and even buy bread via internet.  The other remarked:

-          Yea, is the delivery of the bread by e-mail?

With introduction of online card of UZCARD it’s become possible to make remote payments in e-commerce.

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