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Thursday, 10 July 2014 09:57

Every year the number of plastic cards’ Users increases in Uzbekistan and innovation in this sphere becomes more and more. Recently we have been glad to pay public utilities by plastic card via any ATM and now we are offered new opportunities to do purchases via internet, mobile payments via smartphone etc.

With Online plastic card it’s very comfortable to execute purchases, nowadays in all points of sales, restaurants and institutions there are installed terminals for payments of goods and services. Any purchase you can execute on plastic card in seconds.

Advantages of new Online card in compliance with previous DUET Offline card are more obviously. Every Holder of Online card reveals that it shouldn’t address systematically to ATMs for loading of funds to the card and now they automatically get into your account. It is very conveniently, isn’t it?

Open the secret, your money aren’t on card physically, card is acted like a key which lets money draw from your account and send it to Seller’s account. Such method of work is guarantee to User in case of lost or theft the card nobody can use and you can block it in a matter of hours. For it necessary to take passport and go to the bank where specialist will block it.

Plastic card has the same advantages as cash. Firstly card Holders and Sellers haven’t problem with change when paying for goods, services and works. Secondly you can be assured that your pocket won’t be fat from cash.

Earlier for blocking Offline DUET cards the specialists needed to set the cards to special STOP-list which expands on all ATMs in the country, but for that needed more time and swindlers can easily execute a purchase just to break a password of the card.

By the way to check a balance on Online card you can without ATMs and specially devices, it’s enough to log in personal cabinet on our portal or to switch on service SMS-informing. Also you can receive notifications in SMS form of all operations which executes via your card whether it is purchase of products in the shop or payment for telephone.

Card Holder hasn’t to puzzle, remembering how much and for what he spent money as can switch on SMS-informing and receive notifications about payments.

The most advantage of Online card is opportunity to pay for public utilities, cellars, internet service providers, television UZDIGITAL TV and purchases of goods in internet shop.

Such operations directly can be done in personal cabinet on our portal via electronic clearing system “SMS-TO’LOV”, mobile banking system Also now you can pay for services of mobile communication Perfectum Mobile via your Online card. More information you can see in personal cabinet of Perfectum Mobile company.

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