Uzcard: we use the most advanced technology from the global leader in secure ICs in payment cards.

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Monday, 21 July 2014 10:06

Today there are over 12 million plastic cards in circulation of system Uzcard in Uzbekistan. Constantly progressing as a financial instrument bank cards become safer to use and their popularity is increasing.

When it comes to security of plastic card (PC) just remember the events of world practice when fraudsters made copies of PC photographing them and removing data from magnetic strips. Such situations are not rare now but talking about security of plastic cards circulating in the system Uzcard you can be absolutely sure that the cards are protected against all types of frauds.

One of the main guarantors of security cards Uzcard is undoubtedly the use of advanced secure chips manufacturing by global leader in this area – by company NXP Semiconductors N.V. which announced that it has extended its leadership in market for secure ICs in payments cards. Unchallenged fact was a growth with 48% of company’s share in this market for 2013 growing from 32% in 2012. Besides in its recent report “Payment and Banking Cards Report – 2014” industry analyst HIS, a global leader in critical information and insight, reported that NXP notched a significant increase in total sales.

EVM standard and protected NXP chips allow raising the security of Uzcard card’s operations to a new level which has no chance of success to malefactors. Today all operations are carried out with a chip card after compulsory PIN-code entry when paying for purchases in trade points and it is already greatly increases the safety of transactions compared with cards that used magnetic strip. Also plastic cards Uzcard with microprocessors at every transaction form a special and unique code for transaction and for every subsequent operation requires a new code, so to falsify such cards is impossible.

The only one way to draw money from Uzcard plastic cards by malefactors is the selection a PIN-code to it in case of losing or theft the card. To avoid such situations cardholder must to be vigilant and install complicated PIN-code from different digits which would be virtually impossible. In addition it’s necessary to enter PIN-code yourself and not divulge details of your card. For more information about rules of safety when using plastic cards you can read in our next article.

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