Safety of the bank card, most importantly – privacy!

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:23

No matter how perfect wasn’t the cash card, what modern technologies wouldn’t be applied by its development and production, there are useless any security features if the card holder properly didn’t study the rule of operation with cards and won’t use the found knowledge in reality.
How to safe own funds on plastic card from frauds? The rules are simple and become at one mean – CONFIDENTIALITY. In fact that security of personal data is very important in safety system at using banking cards. Every card holder is responsible for competent storage of PIN-code and its non-disclosure. In this question there are quite simple rules that should be explored.

The first rule – never keeps with you written on papers PIN-code and also don’t write it on back side of the card. The most effective way to save PIN-code is just to remember it and written version of a card number and telephone support service of your bank should to store it in safe place at home, among other important documents.
The second rule – don’t give a card to other people even relatives. In fact that they may be not to be aware of the rules of safety on using the cards and they may be deceived by frauds. In this case as in others it’s recommended to activate the SMS-informing service by which you can track the committed transactions with your card.
The third rule – do not disclose your card on Internet and via SMS-messages to anyone and will never disclose your card details. Frauds practice various methods of “drawing” data of bank card including a lot of popularity gained SMS-messages with unauthentic content from non-existent bank in which warned of blocking the card owner and asked to send PIN-code for unlock and reconciliation. After receiving the data from your card, frauds can buy products at online stores etc. Remember the simple rule – don’t trust anyone except support service of your bank, under no circumstances the any third person has no a right to require you to confidential information about data of bank card.

The fourth rule – always try to type PIN-code yourself and don’t lose sight of your card. Especially in restaurants and café where the waiters take it for settlement. In general, it is wrong as the first waiter takes your card somewhere, and secondly he learns from you the PIN-code of your card, so withdraw money from your account twice isn’t so difficult. Always ask the waiter to do transaction with you and dial PIN-code yourself not showing your actions. In addition the same service SMS-informing which you can switch on in any infokiosk will save you from double withdrawals.
The fifth, perhaps the most important rule – when you receive a new card don’t be lazy to change standard PIN-code on more difficult and if you guess that your PIN-code has become known to someone you should change it immediately. You can change PIN-code in any infokiosk, ATM or using POS-terminal.
By following these simple rules of safety, you can save your money on bank card. Be careful and attentive and if you have any suspicion of unlawful debiting of your account immediately contact with bank where you can temporary block card and change PIN-code.

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